About Me ~

So who am I?

I'm Ravinder, but I prefer to be addressed as Ravi. I am 19 and a BA Journalism (Hons) student at Huddersfield University. I was born and raised in the big and so-called exciting city of Leeds. A great city and all, but personally it's too big for my liking.

Who / what encouraged you to blog?

Besides being on a Journalism course - where I have to blog constantly - I do like to write anyway. I find it a little cheesy to have a paper diary that I know my sister or mother will come across. So a this blogging is almost like a diary, but obviously not too personal, just a record of my thoughts and opinions on random topics. But most importantly, my main idol (person whose blog I love to read; wish to meet; who is superior; person I aspire to be like; - call it whatever you wish) is XiaXue. I absolutely love her blog, and I think her personality is amazing and a lot of girls should adopt her personality (being honest, bitchy yet honest, intelligent yet bitchy but also honest :P). Furthermore, other bloggers I really like: Yutakis James www.yutakis.com), Cheesie (www.cheeserland.com), Ekimura (ekimura.blogspot.com) and Michelle Phan (her original Xanga blog).

Read the rest of my blog entries if you found this the slightest bit interesting.... haha!

~ Ravi xoxo

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